We offer roof repairs and preventative maintenance packages to keep your building watertight. Many existing building warranties contain a hidden clause, “annual inspections” this implies the inspections are required to maintain the warranty. Do not void your warranty by ignoring this crucial requirement. Call today for a quote on a preventative maintenance program.

Preventive Maintenance

Periodic roof Inspections are a MUST. It is just like Maintenance on a car, or the Yearly Inspection.

“If the roof doesn’t leak, don’t fix it.” WRONG!

Periodic Inspections will reveal unseen problems that could be a potential risk , subsequently extending the life of a roof by many years. Even newer roofs should be inspected once a year to identify trouble areas such as grease guards, cracked plumbing stacks, half-full pitch pans and to make sure that all drains are clear of debris  – issues easily corrected if found early. Yearly maintenance also helps to validate a warranty to ensure that the manufacturer knows that the owner has done everything in his or her power to take care of their roof.

Protect Your Rental Property Roof

For property owners a lot of time unauthorized penetration points will be made by tenants, roof inspections will monitor this to ensure that all work on the roof is authorized and to the manufacturers’ specifications. To avoid unauthorized roof penetration points that potentially invalidate roof warranties*, incorporate roof system details into lease agreements and require tenants to work through leasing representatives and authorized roofing contractors on all added penetration points.

To protect your roof investment, inform tenants of:

*Roofing contractors will not warrant areas that have been worked on by other companies.

Repair or Replacement

When do you replace a roof rather than patch and/or repair it?

Maintenance and repair of wall flashings can help extend the serviceable life of the roof system. Once the field (flat section) of the roof starts splitting it is time to replace the roof. Field repairs will occasionally hold, but when they become a regular problem, failure will occur in the not too distant future.

Infrared Moisture Detection

Think that your roof is in good condition, no leaks, and no potential problems?  Major issues could be lurking that are hidden.  The Infrared Moisture Detector reveals moisture that is unseen by the naked eye.

Our repair and maintenance department  has a wide variety of  portable Infrared Moisture Detectors to instantly and accurately identify current and developing roof problems. The Infrared Moisture Detector is also the ideal tool for moisture detection in building restoration and mold prevention/remediation applications. Function Enterprises now offers this for its clients allowing for a more accurate bid process and repair estimate.  The combination of expertise and superior technology allow Function Enterprises to assess even the most difficult locations.

Example of the findings of Infrared Moisture Scanning.